Hello there, my name is Ieva. Welcome to my blog! 

What started out as a traveling blog when I first left my homeland of Lithuania and my temporary home in England 2 years ago to roam the planet with nothing but a backpack, tons of curiosity and an adventurous spirit, has turned into a journal of much more intimate journeys into the ins and outs of my personal thoughts about life as I decided to settle down and grow roots in beautiful Mexico.

Through my writing I’ll be traveling, along with you, my reader, not so much from country to country, but rather through the endless destinations of my inner world, taking you with me to a thousand somewheres of my mind, my heart and spirit, sharing my views on and experiences of life.

I hope you enjoy the ride and I secretly hope a word or two travels right to the center of your heart and touches your soul just a little.

Happy reading!