The most enchanting place in Mexico

In the central Mexican state of San Luis Potosí, nestled in the jungle besides the town of Xilitla which lies in the heart of the beautiful Huasteca Potosina region, is a magical surrealistic garden that will take you to another world.

Known by the name of Las Pozas, the surrealistic sculpture garden is the creation of British artist Edward James. Enchanted by the exuberant flaura and fauna and the peace of the forest in Xilitla, in the 1970s he set up to integrate an architectural fantasy of ecstatic concrete figures into the existing architecture of nature. The result is a mesmerising labyrinth of plants, stone structures and buildings that you can spend hours wandering through.

The place leaves you stunned with admiration, soaking up this otherworldly energy as you climb up and down the maze of concrete staircases leading you to new wonders with every step.

The photos of course don’t do it full justice but here are a few snaps of the enchanting garden. I hope they take you on an imaginary journey into a fantasy world deserving to be compared to that of Alice. I certainly found my  Wonderland there!


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